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A Simple Yet Effective Bathroom Makeover – Custom Mirrors

Are you considering a bathroom renovation but are afraid of the high cost of such projects? Well, you should know that there are small changes that you can make and still have a significant impact. The secret to budget bathroom renovations is starting small. For example, doing a paint job and replacing worn out plumbing fixtures will add value and functionality to your bathroom. But what more can you do?


For years now, building contractors and homeowners have cut costs by installing lifeless sheet mirrors into bathrooms. But as the focal point of your bathroom, the mirror should offer more than just reflection. Adding a custom mirror frame can set the tone of your bathroom décor. By combining a bathroom mirror with a fresh paint job and replacing all the old and malfunctioning plumbing fixtures, you will give your bathroom a refreshed look. All these improvements require little investment and time. Therefore, you no longer need a stretched budget to give your bathroom a fresh look.


Many glass suppliers offer mirrors cut to size Adelaide to ensure that you get the right fit for your bathroom. Besides the custom mirrors, you can as well get custom frames to complement the look and feel of the mirrors. All you need is to know your measurements regarding size, choose your look and feel of the frame and then make an order. With tons of combination of materials, styles and colours, it is easy to select the mirrors and frames that suit your bathroom needs. Once you know all your needs, you can then go ahead and order your custom mirrors.



When ordering custom mirrors, you will realise that there are tons of mirror suppliers. Therefore, since you cannot trust any supplier that you come across, you need to do a background check before ordering. There are mirror suppliers that supply quality mirrors but do not mirrors cut to size Adelaide. This is not the kind of mirror company you want. You should focus on finding a mirror supplier that offers customisation services. Besides customisation, look for a mirror supplier that offers delivery services. You do not want to waste time and money moving from one store to another looking for quality mirrors and then worry about transportation. Save yourself the resources and stress by ordering from a mirror company that offer delivery services. Last but not least, ensure that the supplier offers discounted shopping. By doing comparison shopping, you will surely find a mirror dealer that offers quality mirrors at affordable prices.


Once you have your mirrors cut to size Adelaide, you can then go ahead and do the installation. With installation, it is easy of the mirrors come with the frame. However, if you find the DIY installation unfriendly, you can look for an expert who can install the mirrors professionally.