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How Ducted Gas Heating Systems Work and Its Advantages

In case you are looking to install a new heating system in your home, you should consider a ducted gas AC system. This type of heating system is more effective and cheaper. Also, they are suitable for all climates. However, in places where there is extreme variation in temperature from winter to summer months, they can be beneficial. The initial installation of these heating systems is a bit expensive. However, given its energy consumption and overall efficiency, one should highly install a ducted gas heating system.



To understand what differentiates these heating systems from the rest and to appreciate its advantages you will have to know first how it functions. Ducted gas heating systems are fitted with a central heating unit. This heating unit produces air at high temperature and pumps it through ducts. The ducts are usually heavily insulated and are located in the ceiling or under the floor. The ducts are connected to vents, which are strategically placed in different areas of the house.


In most cases, the central heater component is either a reverse cycle or a large gas furnace air conditioner that runs on LPG or natural gas. These systems can allow adequate control of heat distribution throughout the house with the help of dampers. Dampers are the components that assist in blocking heating ducts. This way heat distribution can be prevented in certain areas where it is not needed. When it comes to installation requirements, ducted gas heating systems require careful planning. First, the location of the central heating unit has to be near the house centre.

In most cases, the place of the AC is the roof. The ducts and the floor vents also need to be correctly installed. Given the expertise that goes into the installation, the process is a bit expensive.


The most apparent advantage of ducted gas heating systems is that they use gas instead of electricity. Gas in comparison to electricity is much more useful since it takes very little to heat a space. It is also an eco-friendly approach since there is reduced emission of greenhouse gases. Another advantage is that these systems are not affected by outside temperature. Unlike electric heaters, no matter how extreme the weather is, the effectiveness of ducted gas heaters is not affected. As mentioned above it is possible to control the distribution of heat when using ducted gas heaters. It is a significant benefit since you will only use the temperature you require. Modern heaters come with programmable controllers that turn on or off as needed.