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Everything You Need To Know About the Cert IV Training and Assessment Courses

Do you want to improve your skills in handling and evaluating people? If so, then enrol in the Cert IV Training and Assessment courses now! This course offers comprehensive vocational education that hones your skills in training and assessment. In this training programme, you will learn specialised skills and knowledge to develop and make the best evaluation of various training courses.


Course Overview


Enrolling in this course will improve your industry-level expertise. The Cert IV Training and Assessment courses offer various educational skills that are necessary for you to pass and qualify for comprehensive vocational training. The latest survey indicates the rise of capable professional trainers for vocational education. The demand will increase consistently for the next decade. The Cert IV Training and Assessment courses will sharpen your skills and natural talent when it comes to professional training and assessment. It will get your ready work for training providers like TAFE institutions and Registered Training Organisation (RTO).



Why You Should Enrol


The Cert IV Training and Assessment courses are among the most popular vocational courses in South Australia. Through this module, you can become a certified professional trainer. Learn and acquire the skills of other established educators who have high degrees in knowledge-based technical skills. Once you complete the courses, you will gain essential specialisation skills in vocational education training and assessment. Learn how to formulate and implement effective teaching strategies and know the proper ways of training and assessing people. You can also avail several training bundles and learn how to engage and interact with other people properly. Further training sessions include facilitation for group or individual meetings.


After completing the entire course, you will then qualify for actual training on the local vocational training and assessment centre. The whole programme will equip you with the relevant skills to effectively come up with a practical solution to implementing proper training and assessment to different people. The course will also introduce the current leaning framework, as well as the curriculum of vocational education.



Courses & Units Offered


To achieve this certification, you will need to complete all of its core units, which includes an elective course. Listed below are the core units that you will apply to begin your training.


  • Core Units
  • Proper Assessment in Processes And Activities
  • Assessment And Competence Training
  • Assessment Validation Training
  • Planning, Organising, & Developing Group-Oriented Learning Systems
  • Proper Delivery & Facilitation Of Learning In The Workplace
  • Designing And Developing Different Learning Programs
  • Language Development


Apply Now!


For complete information on each unit and a list of your possible electives, visit the official website of the Cert IV Training and Assessment courses. Sign up now to register & enrol.