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The Perks You Expect Out of Acrylic Rendering

It is no secret that every Australian homeowner would welcome the idea of improving his or her exterior, regardless of the purpose or objective. As someone who is apprehensive about spending money on home improvement jobs, there is no blaming you if you don’t quickly jump to hasty decisions. But mind you, there is a practical and cost-effective method of improving the exterior of your house, and it is through acrylic rendering Perth.

If you are not familiar with the process of rendering using acrylic, then don’t worry because you are not alone. Most people know a thing or two about cement rendering, and the truth is they are quite similar when it comes to application. The process of acrylic rendering is like other materials like cement. The only difference between them is that the acrylic solution is used for render and is composed of plastics.

The best thing about acrylic is its extreme flexibility. It means that it can be applied in various ways. It can be rolled, sprayed or even trowelled unto any wall surface. The use of acrylic increases the strength of rendering considerably more than the usual rendering. An acrylic can bring the cement rendering mix together tightly and securely which; as a result, preventing the surface from cracking. Another feature of acrylic is that even if they use the same materials, the two coatings can produce different shade.

Acrylic rendering will warrant the following benefits for your property:

Added Durability

The most significant advantage that acrylic offers is extreme durability ensuring that it will stand the test of time. Plus, due to its incredible flexibility, it is highly resistant to cracking. As a result, the natural movements of contraction and expansion that homes experience will inevitably not cause unsightly cracks all over the exterior of your home. No doubt, your home will continually look amazing as years go by.

Flexible When It Comes to Surface Type

Another fantastic benefit you will get to enjoy from acrylic is the fact that it can be applied to any types of surfaces. Aside from concrete, acrylic can be easily used on timber, painted walls and even on fibre cement. It only proves that it possesses the same versatility of traditional renders.

Wide Range of Finishes

Although acrylic can be quite attractive, you can create it even better through using various techniques that effectively helps in achieving a variety of beautiful finishes. The most common choice is the smooth finish, but you can also create more attractive texture.


The ultimate advantage of acrylic rendering Perth from the rest is its ability to dry faster. No more worries about weather conditions affecting the finish as it quickly dries, unlike the traditional one that takes some weeks.