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Three Benefits of Installing Screen Doors Adelaide

Are you looking to add some layer of protection and security of your home? If so, then you should consider screen doors. Also called storm doors, screen doors Adelaide refer to a hinged-type door that covers the exterior part of another entryway. It can either be made of aluminium screens or glass. The reason why it’s also called a storm door is that it’s mainly used to protect your door from wearing out due to the harsh outdoor conditions.


With a relatively low initial cost, a screen door is an inexpensive option that can provide many exciting benefits to any homeowner. Typically made of aluminium, wood, or fibreglass, a screen door often has interchangeable screen inserts and glass. It usually lasts 20 to 25 years, depending on the materials and quality. With that said, consider these three ways a screen door can improve and enhance your home:



Protects the Exterior Portion of Your Door


Whether it’s your front or back door, screen doors Adelaide can protect its exterior from the harsh Australian weathers. Your main doors are more expensive, which is why it’s a great idea to protect it from potential wears and tears. By doing so, not only are you preserving the durability and beauty of your door but you’re also saving money from costly door repairs or even replacement.


Improves Energy Efficiency


Even if you already have an energy-efficient main doorway, a screen door can give your home an extra layer of protection by placing a buffer between the summer heat and the cold season. Some screen doors feature a low-emissivity glass or coating. While it does cost 15 per cent more, it can drastically reduce energy loss by up to a whopping 50 per cent. However, it’s also crucial that you choose the right storm doors for your house. For instance, a glass storm door can trap heat that may damage your entry door once it’s exposed to several hours of direct sunlight.


Additional Security


Finally, we also need to mention the fact that screen doors Adelaide provide another layer of security and protection to your home. By adding a screen door, you can potentially discourage burglars by putting an additional barrier between them and the inside portion of your home. That means they’ll have to work extra hard to open your screen door before they’re met with your main entrance that’s twice as durable.


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