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Digging Through the Advantages of Net Wraps

The production of hay is never an easy chore for every animal or livestock farmer. There are several different strategies or methods of doing it, but the one you choose will depend on some factors, some of which are beyond your control. But whatever way or strategy you have in place, there is no denying the fact that hay needs to be baled the soonest time possible.

Nowadays, the two primary methods of baling take advantage of either traditional twine or the modern net wrap Australia – UniPak.com.au. Each baling comes with distinct advantages and benefits and millions of farmers all over the world stick to them. The truth is not all people realise the significant differences between the two. However, it is crucial that you learn which of the two best addresses your needs on your farm. As we mentioned earlier, some factors come into play before you choose between twine and net wrap. For instance, you should consider the possible storage losses, labour costs, feed value, fuel consumption, spoilage, and others.

In this post, we give you reasons why the net wrap is the better option.

1 – You expect minimal losses in baling.

When it comes to feeding or hay production, a farmer like you wants nothing less than a perfect yield. However, you know for a fact that it is almost impossible to do. There always will be baling losses, but it does not mean you do nothing about it. To reduce hay loss, you must use net wraps instead of the traditional twine. The reason why you expect reduced losses is that you will spin it in the chamber fewer times when wrapping compared to twine.

2 – It corresponds to faster baling, too.

Aside from minimal losses, the use of net wrap Australia – UniPak.com.au also corresponds to a more efficient and quicker baling process. It is made possible because, with a net wrap, you only need one to three turns of the bale to come up with a complete product. On the other hand, twine requires at least 20 turns to complete, which means more time and effort needed to do it right. With lesser turns, it means there also is reduced energy use since the machine you are using does not have to consume as much fuel to that of using twine.

But perhaps the best thing about taking advantage of the net wrap is that you successfully reduce the likelihood of storage loss. It is true that you never can store your hay in an indoor setting, primarily if you produced a lot of it. Therefore, outdoor storage is the only option left for you; but you do not have to give in to massive losses due to outdoor storage with the help of the net wrap.